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"I was struggling with depression and my therapist suggested I consider meds, but I wasn't comfortable taking prescriptions and so I started looking at other options. Since trying evidence-based lifestyle medicine and improving my nutrition, I've seen a remarkable change in my overall mental health, I bounce back quicker and I have less downtime. It's a game changer!"

Kim, Patient

"I was on the verge of having to go on insulin.  When I started eating in the whole foods Mediterranean pattern and cut out refined carbohydrates, my hemoglobin A1c began looking much better."

Deena, MD and reader

"You changed my whole eating perspective with your evidence-based common sense focus on health rather than weight and the concept of taking control of my own health.”


"I used the lifestyle tools in Good Food Great Medicine to recover after my heart attack.  It was like a do-it-yourself bypass.  My doctor was amazed."

Scott Peterson

Good Food, Great Medicine Enthusiast

"I had high blood pressure and was prediabetic.  Through lifestyle medicine, I was able to reduce my blood pressure's top number from 200 to 175 in a month.  After a year, I was hovering around 130.  When people ask me about lifestyle medicine, I say, Just try it.  What have you got to lose?  Nothing.  What have you to gain?  Everything."

Elias, patient

"Lifestyle medicine really helped me in my treatment as I was going through breast cancer treatment.  It gave me the sense that I was taking care of myself which gave me hope."

Monica, Patient

"Dr. Hassell told me I needed to lose weight.  So I ate like it said in Good Food Great Medicine and went from 224 pounds to 170.  People at my gym are surprised about how much I can do in workout class. They ask how old I am and they're always surprised to find out I'm 82.  I share Good Food Great Medicine with everyone I can think of."


No more diabetes! I brought my HbA1c from 7.5 to 5.4 with diet and exercise.  I still eat delicious food and I know just how to fix it if my weight creeps back up.