Local champions made our event a success.

You may have missed our “Spring Training” Town Hall where we learned about everything from healthy doses of red meat to deadlifts.

Thank you to those who give for making these events possible. We didn’t get to “grill” Jeff as much as we’d hoped on his meat and vegetable creations, so we will feature some of Jeff and Letha’s meals on our Instagram page.

Dr. Hassell described the importance of muscle mass as Amanda from Starting Strength Beaverton demonstrated a proper deadlift (we want to build muscle mass to offset the effects of oxidative stress [1]). We had a lively discussion about the benefits of red meat in the diet. We answered many questions like, “does insulin resistance contribute to cognitive decline?” (We think so, and the process may start in pre-diabetes[2]). There was much more valuable content discussed including:



Miles Hassell, MD