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Walk, Don't Run to the Doctor with Miles Hassell, MD

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Miles Hassell, MD has been a guest on many podcasts.  Now GreatMed.org has launched a podcast of our own!  This is the first crowd-funded podcast to reach people by summarizing the currently available lifestyle treatments in a central location, free and accessible by patients and doctors, not funded by an industry. GreatMed.org's founder and president, Miles Hassell, MD, brings 30+ years of experience in evidence-based conventional and lifestyle medicine serving people who want to avoid and reverse preventable illness like heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, and improve cancer survivorship. We aim to summarize the latest evidence on lifestyle tools to meet the rapidly changing needs of the medical community and the general public.

Your donations cover podcast management, recording equipment, show editing, and distribution.  We hope to offer more frequent episodes soon!

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